Republican Candidate for Illinois 7th District

Danny hasn't had a bill become law  since 2008.

Incumbent Congressman Democrat Danny Davis has been controlling the 7th District since 1997.

It's time for a change. Here's why:

He receives huge money from special interest groups.

He stands by Rahm Emmanuel on issues directly affecting the African-American community.

He has theworst voting record in Congress.

1. Why does Chicago have the worst public school system in the country , despite billions of dollars invested over the last 60 years?

2. In 2000, 1 in 5 Chicagoans , 19.6%, were living in poverty. Why has the rate increased to 22.1% A DECADE LATER?

3. Why is the poverty rate in the impoverished areas of the 7th District average 40%?

4. Why are your residents of Englewood more likely to die of cancer, homicide, unintentional injuries, heart disease, diabetes and stroke?

5. Why does Chicago remain one of the most segregated cities in the country?

6. Why, according to the Brookings Institute, does Chicago have the greatest racial disparity in young adult employment rates IN THE NATION ( 47% in blacks, 73% in whites).

7. Why does Illinois have the highest African-American unemployment rate IN THE COUNTRY, for the last 2 Quarters?

8. Why has so little of the TIF money reached the areas in Chicago most in need, specifically your West and South sides?.

9. How have the lives of African-Americans living in the 7th District improved one iota in the last 20 years? 

10. Aren't you ashamed?

He takes trips funded by questionable private groups.

He has presided over 20 years of increasing poverty  and  diminishing opportunities in Chicago's South and West Sides:

Vote Jeffrey A. Leef for Congress. It's time for an Honest Voice. 

Before you vote on November 8th, ask Congressman Davis