Republican Candidate for Illinois 7th District

Dr. Jeffrey A. Leef

An HONEST Voice for the 7th District

Dr. Leef is a physician by vocation and a politician by necessity.

What is that necessity? To fulfill our nation’s founders' desire for citizen-politicians to make up our Congress. A vibrant and dynamic two-party system is essential to promoting open debate and new solutions to the great challenges before us.

Like many of us, Jeff worries about our children’s future - a future overshadowed by diminishing opportunities, growing poverty, massive public debt and grave threats to our national security at home and abroad.

While the challenges are daunting, our ability to meet them and overcome them is strong, and we will face them with unflinching courage. The status quo is no longer acceptable; it is dangerous to us and our loved ones and communities.

Jeffrey Leef is challenging a 20-year incumbent because the 7th District needs a congressional representative who is willing and able to work with Republicans and Democrats to face down the problems confronting us. Dr. Leef will be your new voice in Congress and he will bring your message, your demand, to that great institution: We can do more. We can do better. Dr. Leef will be the honest voice in Congress you deserve.